Enable autonomous decision-making in supply chain

We help organizations boost productivity and performance by providing unparalleled transparency and automation to core operations

Launch digital initiatives and discover new and promising business opportunities

Data and technology are redefining the supply chain, logistics, and consumer packaged goods industries. Accelerate growth in your organization and redefine your business by leveraging data, applying predictive analytics and scaling automation.


Find out how Intelimétrica and AWS can help redefine your supply chain planning and customer success.


time: "12:43 hrs",
alert: "Route deviation
recommendation: "Route

OTR - Control tower

Drive key decisions and optimize supply-chain planning from a data- and analytics-driven control tower.

OTR - Route planning

Optimize fleet utilization and improve customer experiences in last-mile delivery route planning.


distance: "65 km",
travel-time: "02:12 hrs",
spending: "$203.56 MXN",
potential: "97%"