Mortgage intelligence

Estate properties

Estimate the value of real estate properties on real time and obtain market behavior reports.

Valuation portfolio

Analyze, manage and monitor the valuation portfolio of your organization on real time.

Anomalies on mortgage guarantees

Detect anomalies on mortgage guarantees and offer continuous transparency about the value of collaterals and insurances.

Supply of the market

Reflect on real time the supply of the market and anomalies of data maps and interactive.

Real time Analysis

Customized platforms

Use customized platforms which enable you to explore and visualize the information of your organization.

Database connection

We connect to your database and build API’s in order to provide you, with real time intelligence with less workflow intrusion.


Valuation automatic models

Use our valuation automatic models in order to analyze your portfolio.

Decision making

Make decisions based on data which is acquired from reports and control boards specifically designed for you.

Consultancy services

Take advantage of our customized consultancy services for any kind of organization