With products based on data that change the way organizations work and develop their decision making through a culture built on evidence and information.

Create solutions


We work with agile technical equipment for project management in order for you to spend more time creating innovative solutions. We encourage ourselves to create a culture based on results.

We learn resources


We cover the cost of all the materials needed for training and any resource you need in order to always be on the vanguard. You use Safari books, PluralSight? We do too!

We develop our software


We use high end technology to develop our own software. You want to use something different or want us to originate something for you? You are at the right place.

How do we work

At Intelimetrica we seek that our team is as efficient as possible, we provide all the tools and flexibility needed in order for you to innovate day by day. We offer a culture based on learning skills, flexible schedule, and the latest technology, social fridays and competitive compensation based on results and 20 days off a year.

Intelimétrica work
Intelimétrica work
Intelimétrica work
Intelimétrica work

Strata + Hadoop

Every year Intelimétrica's team visits San José, California to join one of the best Big data events.

Intelimétrica Strata
Intelimétrica Strata

MBA Program

After the first year at Intelimétrica, you can be a candidate for a preparation course and a fee to present the GMAT or GRE Exams that will help you to rank higher for admission processes to an MBA in prestigious universities such as Stanford, Yale, MIT, etc.


At Intelimetrica we look to break mental schemes in diverse industries, using high end technology. We are creative and innovative people who like to work in teams; we are looking for interns who are passionate about joining our team. During your internship we will assign you a strategical project in which our team will help you develop different abilities.

“I am really thankful for the opportunity to work here, and I would jump at the chance to do so again in the future!”


Johns Hopkins University

“The interns had important roles to contribute to the Company. Great experience, great people, meaningful and challenging work.”


Princeton University

“I truly enjoyed my experience at Intelimétrica, and would enthusiastically recommend it to my friends at school.”


Harvard University

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